“When I though of the speakers, workshops and mentoring program I wanted to bring value to the audience not just having “big names” but real dev-to-dev tips that attendees can benefit from. We have so much to share and learn from each other and core of @WLoveGames is exactly that!”, Natasha Skult



Full program for 2020 event will be available by the end of August.

Osama Dorias
Osama DoriasLead Game Designer at Warner Brothers Games

In the past, he has worked as a Game designer at Ubisoft, Gameloft, GEE Media, and Minority Media.

He also teaches Game Design at Dawson College where he authored the Independent Game Design Program.

Osama loves to empower people in expressing themselves through game making. He especially loves to give a voice to marginalized people and causes. He has hosted game jams, workshops and other community activities to this end, which has culminated in co-founding the Montreal Independent Games Awards.

Osama is also currently the Chair of the IGDA’s Muslims in Games Special Interest Group.

Nikolina Zidar
Nikolina ZidarCEO of Unicorn Pirates Studio Oy

Nikolina started her career in games during Rovio’s early days, where she held a title of Head of Production. She moved on to Next Games after that to work as Production Lead, but entrepreneurial “itch” was too strong in her and she moved on to found and lead Full XP Oy. Since 2018, she has been CEO of Unicorn Pirates Studio Oy, one of the most diverse gaming studios in the world, focused on making games for women and other underrepresented audiences. Before working in gaming industry, Nikolina had accomplished career in serious software.

Sophie Vo
Sophie VoCreative lead

“I am a creative lead with over ten years of experience in the mobile gaming industry. What makes me wake up everyday is creating new exciting game experiences that can reach millions of players, expanding the capabilities of mobile and technology. I am currently building a small creative and lean team with Voodoo in Berlin, to create that next unique experience. “.

Anna Salomaa
Anna SalomaaCo-founder and CEO of Resistance Game

Anna is the co-founder and CEO of Resistance Games, a PC strategy game studio located in Oulu, Finland. With 8 years of experience from the industry she has also worked in game start-ups, run gaming business development projects and lead the Oulu Game LAB, the game education program of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. She fell in love with digital gaming in the 80’s with The Great Giana Sisters, and never looked back.

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